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Promis - Disco Cabaret - CD - 2018


The Remix Album

by Promis

Release  03-23-2018

Title Artist Duration
1 We’re Grown up People (DJ Marauder in Search of Sunrise Remix) Promis 4:52
2 Martinis at Noon (Two Steps Shaken Not Stirred Remix) Promis 4:42
3 In Time (Radio Mix) Promis, Marq Aurel, Rayman Rave 3:10
4 50 Bucks from Me (Charly Beck Remix) Promis 5:10
5 Can I Just See What It Feels Like to Kiss You (DJ Marauder Radio Mix) Promis 3:42
6 Dragons (Jerry Delay Future Samba Mix) Promis 5:16
7 We’re Grown up People (Cult Clubbers Down on the Street Mix) Promis 6:28
8 Love of My Life (Mike Closer Twilight Remix) Promis 4:04
9 Is This the Face of a Broken Heart (DJ Marauder Remix) Promis 3:54
10 50 Bucks from Me 2K17 (Extended Mix) Promis, Flixxcore 4:26
11 Flash and a Flame (DJ Marauder Neverending Friendship Remix) Promis, Juval Porat 3:46
12 Everywhere Promis, Flixxcore 3:22
13 Dragons (Green Scully Fire Attack Remix) Promis 4:48
14 Martinis at Noon (Mike Closer Dirty Vermouth Mix) Promis 3:59
15 50 Bucks from Me (Ian Matthews Strumpet Mix) Promis 10:59
16 The Sphinx (Jerry Delay Desert Sands Mix) Promis & Matthews 5:52